**We will be accepting a limited number of new clients for Fall / Winter 2017. If you have boarding needs for August 14th or after...please contact us to set-up an evaluation!**

Dogs are part of our family

At home your dog probably has periods of activity - whether going for a walk, playing ball, visiting with doggie friends, or running in the yard. Followed by periods where they can have some quiet, alone time on a comfy bed to sleep and relax before the next play session. They don't pee and poop on concrete in the same general area where they have to sleep - or be confined to a small indoor only area and have to pee and poop inside - or have no chance to stretch and play - or constantly have a different person taking care of them. So, why when you have to leave them would you want them to be treated any differently than they would be at home? Wouldn't it be nice if they had as fun of a time on their vacation as you did on yours?

That's where we come in! The traditional boarding concept where dogs are kept in an indoor/outdoor run and have no contact other than to have their runs hosed out - or, the big franchise concept where hundreds of dogs are kept mainly inside and given only a small indoor space to interact and potty are not good enough for us and we don't think they should be good enough for your dog either!

Cherished Pet Care with our Luxury Dog Boarding offers your dog the chance to have several group play sessions each day with other friendly dogs. They'll have the chance to stretch their legs on our more than 3 fenced in acres, swim in our pond, and watch the sheep grazing the nearby fields and once they're good and tired they'll have their own private room with a cot and comfy bedding to come back to and take a nap before doing it all over again!

We look forward to meeting you and making your dog part of our family!